We are Friends

Okay, first things first.  Yes, we are Friends, and the old-school name for that is Quaker, but don't let that deter you.  It just means that we will likely have a quiet time in Worship where we spend a few moments hear and listen to God.  We figure He gave us two ears and one mouth; obviously, one is twice as important as the other.

The mission of First Friends Church is to create an atmosphere of love and caring in action by nurturing and challenging our church family.  This will be experienced through prayer, worship, education, and supportive fellowship.  We will continually reach out to promote Christian living as a way of life in our community and world.  Our interpretation of the Gospel affirms the reality of the living Christ here and now, and we believe the risen Lord is available to all without ritual or ceremony.  We seek God's guidance in our endeavor to fulfill our commitment to this mission.

Mission Statement:

Create a ‘Welcome Home’ atmosphere where our church community can flourish in fellowship through Jesus. 

Vision Statement:

As a community, we are committed to promoting Christian values as a way of life locally and globally. Our dedication to these principles will remain unwavering and steadfast, ensuring they are consistently upheld and celebrated. By embodying these values, we aim to inspire others to do the same and positively impact the world.

Faith Statement:

Our faith is grounded on the Gospel's interpretation that recognizes the presence of the living Christ in the present moment. We firmly believe that the resurrected Lord is accessible to everyone, and there is no need for any rituals or ceremonies.

Purpose Statement:

We achieve our mission through various means, such as prayerful worship, educational opportunities, and supportive fellowship. Our goal is to empower our members to grow and thrive together, cultivating a sense of unity and strength within our community. As we embark on this mission, we humbly seek the guidance of the Lord Jesus. Our commitment is to carry out this endeavor with His blessings and guidance.