Join us this Sunday at 8:30 a.m. for a 25-minute contemplative prayer service. This service is designed to encourage a moment of silence and stillness as we engage in scripture, song, and prayer. Our service will begin with two readings from the Book of Psalms, followed by a sung response and a shared prayer. We look forward to having you join us for this meaningful experience.

Quiet your heart in song and prayer:

Never heard of Taizé music? Taizé (pronounced "Ta-ZAY") is an ecumenical monastic community in France. Founded by Brother Roger in 1940 after the defeat of France, it was born out of a vision to create a space for people to find God amid brokenness. Over 100,000 people travel to Taizé annually for meditation, sharing, and communal work.

A Taizé prayer service is known for its prayerful and meditative character, characterized by a simple yet rich structure. Instead of formal preaching, the Taizé Community employs a simple prayer style that invites participants to rediscover an inner peace and meaning of life with Christ at the center. This prayer style is meditative, and the music features an ostinato, a simple melody that repeats; it is intended to function as a musical centering prayer.

During my time at seminary, I was introduced to a beautiful style of worship and prayer that utilizes reflective rhythm. This form of worship has had a profound impact on my spiritual journey and it's difficult to describe the experience unless you've personally encountered it. Despite its simplicity, this meditative form of worship calls us to deeply contemplate Christ's presence around and within us. When I pray in this way, it feels like my heart is crying out to God, both in moments of joy and sorrow. It's amazing how simple music can shift our prayer from our minds to our hearts.