I'm New Here

If you are visiting for the first time... don't worry! We are a friendly church that loves visitors. Our dress code is very casual, so feel free to come as you are without fear of sticking out. We would strongly encourage you to come early enough to check out one of our many Sunday School classes where you will get a chance to learn more about the Bible and have time for open discussion and questions. When you come in, you'll see a cafe where you can get some coffee and refreshments. 

We open our service with some music. We use a little bit of everything, from guitar, to piano, sometimes drums or an organ, and all of our voices together praising Jesus! When we get together on Sundays, it's all about Jesus, praising Him for all the good things He has done and learning more about Him through the Bible. After the worship, we usually have a time of prayer together and then listen to a message. Our services usually last until about 11:30 or 11:45. After the service, you are welcome to mingle with everyone, head back out to the cafe, or pick up some food for the week from our Information Table.